I received a GREAT e-mail from one of your fellow hogbass.com members today. He was so excited to share his experience with the Pepper Jigs!  Here is what he had to say and some pictures of his great fish and winners trophy….
Nice talking with you tonight. Here are a couple of pictures from my Branch County Bass Unlimited Tournament win back on June the 5th. My big fish was 4 lbs and my total weight was 7.32 with 3 fish. My 4 pounder also took big bass for the tournament. All my fish came on a 3/8 oz Global warming color Pepper Jig with Alabama craw color Net Bait Baby Paca craw trailer.
That win put me in 3rd place over all in the club. I followed it up at the next tournament at the Randall lake chain on the 19 with a 7.16 lbs second place finish, just being bumped out of back to back wins by a 7.20 lb bag, with all my fish once again coming on a Pepper jig. The second place win was enough though to put me in 1st place over all in the club.

Pepper jigs are by far the best jigs I have ever fished. They are designed perfectly to come through cover with out hanging up and the wide gap hook rarely misses at hooking up. Combined all that with skirt colors that are amazing and Pepper jigs are head and shoulders above any other jigs out there.

I’ll get in touch soon and maybe we can hit the water together some place.
Till then good fishing.
Tim Wright

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Good Fishing,
John W. Torsch

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